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More than Just Banh Mi

At Crispy Banh Mi, we pride ourselves on being more than just a restaurant. We're a community hub, a place where people can gather to enjoy delicious food, refreshing drinks, and each other's company. Our menu features traditional Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, as well as a selection of Vietnamese desserts, spring rolls, summer rolls, and other tasty treats. Our coffee and tea offerings are second to none, and we're always adding new drinks to our menu. Our mission is to share the flavors and traditions of Vietnam with the world, and we do that by using only the freshest ingredients and authentic recipes. But we're also committed to innovation and creativity, always looking for new ways to delight our customers and keep them coming back for more. Come visit us and see for yourself why Crispy Banh is more than just a restaurant.

Crispy Banh Mi Team Members

Our Heritage

Serving Authentic Vietnamese Food Since 2016


Rooted in Tradition

At Crispy Banh Mi, we're proud to carry on the traditions of our ancestors. Our family recipes have been passed down for generations, and we take great care to honor those traditions with every dish we serve. From the freshness of our ingredients to the precise preparation of our banh mi sandwiches, we strive for excellence in everything we do.


A Passion for Innovation

While we're committed to tradition, we're also passionate about innovation. We're constantly experimenting with new flavors and techniques, and we love to put a modern twist on classic dishes. Whether it's a new banh mi sandwich or a refreshing summer roll, we're always looking for new ways to surprise and delight our customers.


Our Commitment to Quality

At Crispy Banh Mi, quality is our top priority. We use only the freshest ingredients, and we prepare everything with care and attention to detail. From our savory banh mi sandwiches to our sweet and refreshing desserts, every dish is crafted with love and a commitment to excellence.


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